The heartbeat of our church and ministry is best expressed through our mission statement and these seven core values:

Our mission is to live as fully loved and devoted followers of Jesus Christ and love our neighbors to do the same.
Core Value #1
Redemptive Edge icon
Redemptive Edge

Jesus followed the heart of God for humanity beyond the familiar edges of comfort, privilege and power and into the beautiful obscurity of the margins. There, beyond the moral facade of the outwardly religious and the condescending scorn of the wealthy and privileged, he cultivated an upside down movement where the weak were powerful, the poor were rich, and the last were first. It’s where Jesus is still working to this day, and where he bids his followers to join him as he gives a voice to the voiceless, freedom to the captives, and retribution to those abused by the broken systems of the rich and powerful. Jesus has never been found in the halls of corrupt political power or the opulent spires of hypocritical religion. He has chosen instead to work at the redemptive edge – where Heaven’s mercy meets humanity’s need, where lives are restored and the lost are found, and where the loving voice of the Father welcomes his sons and his daughters home.

Core Value #2
Expensive Love icon
Expensive Love

We follow the example of Jesus who, though he was rich, made himself poor for our sake so that we through his poverty might become rich. The world has never seen a love as expensive as this – that a man would lay down his life for his enemies, in order to call them his friends. Jesus made it clear that following him must mean following him all the way to the cross, where we gladly give up our lives for the sake of our neighbors, and with them gain the Kingdom. There is no sacrifice so great, no price so high, and no pain so intense that we would forfeit the joy that has been set before us. So we don’t love so long as it’s safe, or convenient, or free. We love the way Jesus loved us. An all-the-way, til-it-hurts, every-last-drop sort of love. An expensive love.

Core Value #3
Truth Telling icon
Truth Telling

Because Jesus said he was the Truth, and because he also said that the Truth will set us free, we believe in the power of telling the Truth. This is more than mere honesty or integrity. Truth telling for us means seeing God for who He is, and seeing one another the way He sees us. We strive to cultivate an awareness of our ongoing need for the Gospel, we enthusiastically affirm the transformative work of the Gospel in each other’s lives, and we love one another enough to truthfully confront the areas in our lives that are out of alignment with the Gospel. The Gospel gives us the courage to hear the truth of our sinfulness, receive the grace won for us at the cross, and embrace the change fueled by the same Holy Spirit who raised Christ from the dead. In this way, telling the truth sets us free.

Core Value #4
Relational Weave icon
Relational Weave

Jesus came to restore the beauty of a broken world. He picked up the tattered fabric of our frayed, warring humanity and began the patient, painstaking work of weaving us all back together. And he has called his followers to participate in the reweaving. Our society has never been more torn and fragmented, but we are compelled by a vision of the eternal beauty of one tapestry made up of a multitude of colors from every nation, tribe, and tongue reflecting the splendor and majesty of our great God. Diversity is not just a byword of cultural relevance for us – it is our needle and thread. Our societal tapestry is made up of people from all races, languages, genders, politics and cultures, and reweaving its torn fabric requires relationships that transcend all of those differences. We call this the relational weave, and it is at the very heart of everything we do.

Core Value #5
Deep Roots icon
Deep Roots

When Jesus came to earth, he didn’t live above us as a king, but with us as a neighbor. He moved into our neighborhood, and he put down roots. We love our neighborhoods because that’s where our neighbors live. With them we have made a long-term commitment to live and serve and work for the betterment of our city. We’re committed to the success of our schools, to the flourishing of our families, and to the thriving of each block. This place really matters to Jesus, and it really matters to us. And by his grace, we aren’t going anywhere.

Core Value #6
All In icon
All In

Jesus gave his all for us, and expects our all in return. Jesus never lowered the bar when he commanded people to follow him. He never promised it would be easy, or pretended everybody could do it. He said the way was narrow and hard, and he told us we would have to carry a cross on our backs just like he did. He said the only way to live was to die, and the only way to gain anything was to lose everything. He didn’t ever water things down, and so we don’t either. This work is excruciatingly difficult, physically and emotionally exhausting, and utterly heartbreaking at times. And there is also deep, abiding, overflowing joy in front of us, and we are pursuing that joy with all our might. Jesus has promised a reward at the end of our work that will make all of our blood, sweat, and tears fade from our memories. And until we receive that promised reward we will work hard, rest hard, and trust hard, knowing our Lord expects us to give him our all.

Core Value #7
4D icon

Jesus told his disciples to make disciples. This isn’t addition; it’s multiplication. The way of Jesus is generational, and reaches from us out into our neighborhoods and communities and, eventually, even to the ends of the earth. Similarly, in the Apostle Paul’s second letter to Timothy, Paul instructs Timothy to take the things he learned from Paul and teach them to people who would be faithful to teach them to others. That’s four generations of gospel transformation: from Paul, to Timothy, to faithful people, to other faithful people. In other words, faithful Christians show others how to become faithful Christians, so that they too can show others how to become faithful Christians. The love of Jesus didn’t begin with us and it doesn’t end with us. Rather, it transforms us and compels us to share it with others so that neighbor by neighbor, and neighborhood by neighborhood, we will see a city transformed.

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